Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Country Look

Talk about fooling around....

In years past this quilt top would have been finished in a blink of the eye... well, maybe not that quick but certainly quicker than I did.

The fabric was preprinted so why did it take me so long. But, ta da. Here it is all done.

I'll either throw it over a chair so I can use it to cover my legs when winter comes or
place it on the bottom of the bed so that my toesies don't get cold. They (the toes) tend to do that even in the heat of summer.
Happy Quilting,


  1. Now...that is an eye catcher, for sure! Latane, it is beautiful! I just love it. Anywhere you use will be perfect.


  2. That's pretty! It's one of the nicest preprinted quilt blocks I've seen! :0)

  3. Preprinted or not .... you have a lovely quilt! It will certainly keep you snug and warm.

  4. This is so beautiful and well worth the extra time. Enjoy snuggling under it!

  5. It's very nice, Mom! Different from what you usually do and sometimes a little change is nice. Of course, I tend to be crazy about your signature applique ones! :-)

  6. This is a beautiful quilt...what a good job.